Media, Educators and Film Makers

As an active stormchaser, I'm constantly out in the storms that rage across the US and Canada every year. I specialize in Southern Ontario systems (thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, Southern Ontario is a pretty active place!). I'm also almost always found in the path of a landfalling hurricane on the Gulf Coast or Florida, chasing down tornadoes in Tornado Alley, or trying to get the car stuck in massive snowstorms.

Media: Storms in the News

In my years of chasing I have done on the spot reporting (phoners etc) for various news stations during hurricanes and thunderstorms, blogs for print media, and numerous interviews of my experiences during sevre weather. If you need a comment on the weather, I'm your man.

Stormchasing for Educators

I bring a unique perspective to teaching meteorology and weather in the classroom. As a trained meteorologist and stormchaser I can bring the excitement of weather directly to the students in a way few other people can. Along with video and slides, I can conduct basic weather experiments with the students that allow them to grasp the subtleties of weather and forecasting. Even teaching climate and climate change is enhanced with a look at severe weather and it's effect on us.

My presentations are not confined just to science and geography. I have doen presentations for art classes, civics, and even history courses.

Film Makers

Do you need storm footage? Hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, you name the severe weather, I've likely got footage of it. I specialize in winter and hurricane footage, but I have an extensive stock library of thunderstorm, lightning, and cloud footage. I also have extensive experience in front of the camera through a variety of projects. This means that if you're looking not only for B-roll of storms, but for some explanation of what the viewer is seeing, I've got it.